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Blu-ray Players named ‘Top Gadget’ for Christmas 2010


The Gadget Show’s Jon Bentley has named Blu-ray players as his top gadget for Christmas 2010. Teaming up with the British Video Association (BVA), Jon hopes to help shoppers avoid any chance of a festive faux-pas by selecting the hottest gadget hits and misses for 2010.

On a mission to help consumers choose great gifts, the BVA asked 2,000 Brits what topped their most unwanted list. A little unorthodox you might think, but with more than a third of us (34%) set to buy loved ones a gadget this year, surely its advice worth listening to?

Electric shavers, Foot spas, Coffee Machines and Candy-Floss makers were revealed as some of the offerings most despised. Jon’s gadget shopping advice, “Purchase something that’s likely to be satisfying rather than just a gimmick, such as a console that enables you to play Blu-ray Discs and DVDs as well as games or an internet-enabled mobile phone.”

Simon Heller, a spokesman for the BVA, said: “Many of the gadget gaffs cited in our study are gifts that have a lot of novelty appeal, but perhaps a limited shelf life. A Candy-Floss maker is great for beating those Boxing Day blues, but a games console or 3D Blu-ray player are future-proof. They’re gifts you’ll go back to all year round.”

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The Gadget Show on the BD experience: enough to set your heart racing

Last week, UK TV programme The Gadget Show carried out an interesting experiment to get a better idea of the emotional impact of the Blu-ray experience when compared with DVD.

It took a group of students from Aston University and hooked them up with equipment to monitor any changes in their heart rates. Half of the group then watched a sequence from the BBC’s nature documentary Life on Blu-ray Disc, while the other half watched the same scene on DVD.

As they watched, the team monitored changes in heart rate, with some startling results. The group watching the DVD saw an average increase in heart rate of 26.7%, but the Blu-ray group’s average increased by 39% – which is more than half as much again.

The experiment was a great way to demonstrate the added excitement and immersion that Blu-ray Discs can deliver. If you’d like to see it for yourself, click here to watch the segment online.

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