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CES Round-up – Part one

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2011 looks set to take Blu-ray technology to new heights if the recent Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas is anything to go by. Manufacturers from across the globe gathered to unveil their latest innovations, set to hit the shelves this year.

There was a plethora of Blu-ray delights on show at the expo, so much so in fact that we couldn’t cram them all into one post! So here’s our first batch. Watch out for the rest later on this week.


Sony launched its 2011 line of Blu-ray players which featured four stand alone models. The most impressive of the range, the BDP-S780, can play 3D and 2D Blu-ray Discs, offers up-conversion from 2D to 3D and video up-scaling for other sources. Every model in the 2011 range offers internet access to over 40 services too, such as YouTube and Sony’s ‘Video on Demand’.

Sony’s first portable Blu-ray player, the BDP-SX1000, was also announced. Comprising a 10.1-inch screen the unit plays Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and USB media. A 180 degree swiveling display, five-hour rechargeable battery, built-in speakers and headphones are all sure to make any long journeys pass more easily.

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At just 28mm tall, Samsung’s BD-D7500 is the world’s slimmest 3D Blu-ray player. It may look small but the BD-D7500 offers 2D-to-3D conversion, HD up-scaling, Wi-Fi connectivity and a super fast three second start-up time.

Also a big hit was Samsung’s BD-D7000 model, named Best New Gadget in the Home Theater Category by for its stylish finish and fun pop-up lid. Featuring all the 3D functionality of the BD-D7500, both players look set to be a roaring success this year.

Samsung also announced plans to offer a networked Blu-ray player model to integrate Google TV. has the full story and details of Samsung’s full CES line up.


Sharp launched their range of 2011 3D Blu-ray players which included the BD-HP75U, BD-HP35U and BD-HP25U. In addition to playing 3D Blu-ray discs the line up enable consumers to take advantage of the latest surround sound formats such as Dolby TrueHD. Additionally the models play standard-definition DVDs, content stored on USB drives and MP3 files.

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Sharp launches new 3D Blu-ray Disc players

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3D movie fans will be excited to know that electronics manufacturer Sharp is due to launch two new Blu-ray Disc players with both 2D and 3D capability.

The BD-HP80U and the BD-HP90U both feature full high-definition 1080p playback as well as the usual features you would expect from a Blu-ray Disc player.

The two slick, ultra-thin devices will also include internet connectivity for interactive content, which means they can play back online content from sites such as YouTube and NetFlix.

Sharp is yet to announce UK pricing but the players are expected to launch in the US for £275 – £320. has the full story.

IFA 2010 round-up: Sharp

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It comes as no surprise that 3D Blu-ray players were appearing left, right and centre at this year’s IFA conference but we wanted to draw your attention to one of the prettiest we’ve seen yet. Sharp’s BD-HP90S is slim, glossy and can stand up straight or lie just as comfortably on its side.

Due on sale in November 2010, the Sharp BD-HP90S produces 3D and 2D Blu-ray pictures, as well as packing in Wi-Fi to grab BD-Live content from the web without any wires.

There’s a USB socket up front too, alongside LED indicators to tell you it’s pumping out pictures in glorious 3D, or in the Aquos “Pure Mode” for enhanced images.

Electric Pig has the full story here

Sharp and TDK first to launch BDXL Blu-ray Discs

Sharp BDXL discs

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Last month, the Blu-ray Disc Association released the final spec for BDXL Blu-ray Discs – the highest capacity discs to enter the market with up to four recordable layers and up to 128GB of space.

It hasn’t taken long for manufacturers to act, with Sharp and TDK announcing plans to launch recordable 100GB discs in Japan this July and September respectively.

Global roll out of these new BDXL Discs is yet to be confirmed, so watch this space for an update.

To read more about Sharp and TDK’s BDXL specs, head to Hexus for the details.

Sharp Launches BD-HP22H Blu-ray Player

Sharp Electronics has announced the availability of its new Blu-ray Disc player, the BD-HP22.

The BD-HP22 is designed with full high definition and 1080p technology, producing a high quality picture. 24Hz video output means any on screen action appears smooth and seamless, regardless of the film being watched, and full 7.1 surround sound, achieved through the integrated DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD, produces powerful acoustics.

The BD-HP22 comes with BD-Live (Profile 2.0) technology, giving viewers access to additional content, and it also arrives on the market as one of the most environmentally friendly Blu-ray players available today, with a low power consumption of just 20W, and only 0.7W in standby mode.


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