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Sony confirms date for PS3 Blu-ray 3D support

[tweetmeme source= “blurayreporter” only_single=false]Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 firmware update that will enable playback of Blu-ray 3D Discs will be available to download for free on Tuesday 21st September.

The announcement was made at the Tokyo Game Show, one of the biggest events in the videogame calendar. With sales of 3D TVs expected to increase during the Christmas period, the announcement makes great reading for PS3 owners eager to experience high definition films in 3D. To get the upgrade next week, PS3 owners just need to select ‘System Update’ from the main menu.

For more details, visit the official PlayStation blog.

Sony confirms date for PlayStation 3 Blu-ray 3D support


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The race to get 3D into our homes took massive steps forward this week as Sony announced that PlayStation 3 users will soon be able to watch 3D Blu-ray movies, 3D YouTube videos and view 3D pictures.

The technology will be available as a series of free, firmware upgrades which will be downloadable from the PlayStation Network. The first firmware upgrade will be to support Blu-ray 3D movies and will be available from September 12th. The support for 3D pictures is due later this year with the YouTube update set to follow within the next 12 months.

A firmware upgrade last month enabled 3D on the system for gaming and so far Wipeout HD, Super Stardust, PAIN and Motorstorm all support the feature. Sony also recently unveiled a pair of new 3D digital still cameras and with its line of 3D TVs growing more and more popular, it seems that the 3D revolution is well underway.

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