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Eat Pray Love comes to Blu-ray

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Breathtaking snapshots of the world can be yours to own from 7th February as Sony Pictures Home Entertainment brings ‘Eat Pray Love’ to Blu-ray Disc.

Academy Award winner Julia Roberts stars alongside Javier Bardem in this epic, true to life story of a modern woman risking everything to travel the globe in pursuit of happiness.

From the wondrous white beaches of Bali to the bustling food markets of Rome, this BD oozes with life and colour so vivid, at times it feels like the lush landscapes and rolling oceans could spill out of your TV and into your living room – making it the perfect addition to any Blu-ray lover or travel bug’s library.

Including both theatrical and director’s cut options, the package boasts exclusive behind-the-scenes access to Roberts while on location in Rome, India and Bali. With an Internet connected Blu-ray player, a movieIQ+sync function also allows owners to dive into continuously updated info on the cast and crew, explore topical trivia such as production facts and details, and listen to the movie’s score and soundtrack.

Femalefirst has the full story.

True Blood brings social media to Blu-ray Disc

True Blood Blu-ray Disc

[tweetmeme source= “blurayreporter” only_single=false] BD-Live functionality has come a long way since launch, with more and more discs taking advantage of the technology to add interactive features such as MovieIQ and Cinechat. But the latest social media capabilities on True Blood season 2, released on BD this week, have taken it to a whole new level.

Using BD-Live, viewers can link a True Blood live feed directly to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Then, by uploading a picture, fans can literally ‘become one’ with the characters as they watch themselves morph into vampires when viewing episodes. Vampire alter-egos can be uploaded onto Facebook to share with, or, better still, scare friends! Favourite scenes can also be shared simply by pressing a button on the remote when a small icon appears on screen.

To get a feel for the True Blood live feed, Creativity Online is hosting a demo which can be viewed here.

This Is It to hit Blu-ray this February

Michael Jackson’s show that never was, This Is It, will be available on Blu-ray Disc in Europe from Monday 22nd February.  With Blu-ray Disc’s superior, 7-channel sound quality, this is the best way to watch this music filled documentary and reflect on what could have been.

What’s more, the Blu-ray release of the film sees the debut of a new BD-live feature: MovieIQ Sync. This feature allows MovieIQ data to be viewed on a PC or iPhone that is synchronized with the movie. Other features on the disc include the ability to create custom playlists of the songs in the film.

Here’s the trailer:

Go behind the scenes with The Oscars’ Best Pictures on Blu-ray

Update: To spread the love a little, we are now giving away a Blu-Ray Disc every Monday to our blog and Twitter followers. Last week, we gave a copy of Hurt Locker to @melspur on Twitter. Today, we are giving away a copy of Disney Pixar’s Up! To enter, simply leave a comment stating what your favourite animated film of all time is.

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ThePrizeFinder – UK Competitions

The highly-anticipated Oscar nominations for 2010 have finally been announced. Four of the ten nominations for Best Picture are already (or imminently) available to watch on Blu-ray, equipped with plenty of special features for delving into the reasons these films have received critical acclaim.

Both The Hurt Locker and Up (released in Europe this month) have special behind the scenes footage presented in high definition. In Up for example, one of the many short documentaries shows how the Pixar team developed their 78-year old action hero and the efforts they went through to accurately convey his moves. It also contains BD-live feature The Global Guardian Badge Game, which gives kids and families a chance to brush up on their geography skills.

On the Inglourious Basterds Blu-ray, a roundtable discussion with director Quentin Tarantino, Brad Pitt, and film critic Elvis Mitchell is worth a watch, for additional understanding of the films’ premise.  Finally, the District 9 Blu-ray provides the option to watch the film with BD-Live features MovieIQ and Cinechat, as well as including several behind the scenes documentaries (all in HD).

All in all, the special features on these Oscar nominated Blu-ray Discs will ensure you are fully equipped with all the information to choose which you think is most deserving of the top prize. The question is, will your favourite win?

Danny Wallace Fronts Sony Pictures UK Blu-ray Campaign

Sony Pictures has commissioned British comedian, author and columnist Danny Wallace to front its latest online Blu-ray Disc promotion in the UK. The video, embedded below, continues the themes of the BVA’s ‘What are you waiting for?’ campaign from the end of last year, highlighting again that an HDTV only really comes to life when you have a Blu-ray player plugged in.

Danny talks through the benefits of Blu-ray’s sound and picture quality, along with additional features including BD-Live applications like MovieIQ and Cinechat.  Danny also reiterates the easy set up involved and reminds viewers that BD players will also enhance existing DVD collections. All in all, the benefits of using a Blu-ray player with an HDTV are made crystal clear, and as Danny explains, all that is left to do is to… “get stuck in!”

An early look at Terminator Salvation on BD

Terminator SalvationOne of 2009’s biggest blockbuster movies was undoubtedly Terminator Salvation. In advance of its BD release at the end of November, the UK’s Home Cinema Choice has an exclusive preview of the disc and its bonus content.

Fans will be pleased to know that both the Theatrical Cut and Extended Version of the film are included on the disc. HCC reports that picture and audio quality is excellent, suggesting that Terminator Salvation may become a favourite disc for showing off your home cinema set-up.

Moving on to additional content, one highlight is the Maximum Movie Mode, where director McG appears on screen to present an incredibly in-depth look at the creation of the film. This feature first appeared on the US release of Watchmen and looks set to become one of BD’s most anticipated special features. There’s also a large selection of featurettes that look at a specific scene or effect from the film, and a Terminator Mythology section to help fans decipher the series’ complex timeline. BD-Live features movieIQ and Cinechat complete the package.

Terminator Salvation is released on Blu-ray Disc in the UK on November 23. Head over to Home Cinema Choice to read the full preview.

movieIQ debuts on BD-Live

The latest BD-Live feature is almost upon us. It’s called movieIQ, and it promises to bring movie lovers constantly updated information about the film they are watching without leaving their sofa or interrupting their movie watching experience.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Gracenote teamed up to create the new feature. It gives viewers access to a real-time movie database which provides information on cast and crew and relevant trivia such as production facts, music and soundtrack information all tied to scenes within the movie.

movieIQ will appear on Sony Pictures BDs from September, with Angels and Demons and Terminator Salvation among the first to hit the shelves.

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