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Panasonic debuts new Blu-ray Disc Recorder range

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Panasonic has just revealed two feature-packed Blu-ray Disc Recorders for the UK market.

As well as playing Blu-ray Discs with support for BD-Live, both the DMR-BW880EBK and BW780EBK include tuners to receive high definition television services which can be recorded to a dual-layer Blu-ray Disc. The recorders can also view video or images filmed on a HD camcorder or digital camera (via SD card) and burn them to a Blu-ray Disc.

Upscaling for standard definition DVDs, DLNA server functionality and support for Panasonic’s internet video service Viera Cast complete the package. For more details, click here.

Blu-ray awareness increasing in Germany

The perception that Blu-ray is the new standard in home entertainment is spreading, with a new German survey finding that 91 per cent of video buyers understand Blu-ray to be the best way to bring high definition pictures to a home cinema.

The survey by GfK demonstrates that awareness of the Blu-ray format has spread beyond technology fans and into the mainstream. In addition, feedback from those who already have a BD player is extremely positive, with 98 per cent either satisfied or very satisfied with the experience. Of this group, 70 per cent want to solely or mainly buy Blu-ray Discs in the future. “The more that consumers know about Blu-ray, the more they cherish it,” said Thilo Röhrig, Chairman of the Blu-ray Group Germany.

To see full details of the research, click here for the press release.

CyberLink launches PowerDVD 10, includes Blu-ray 3D support

CyberLink Corp CyberLink PowerDVD packshothas released PowerDVD 10, a universal media player for the PC designed to upgrade and deliver the best playback experience.

At launch, PowerDVD 10 includes Full HD support for Blu-ray Discs and a range of ‘TrueTheatre’ technologies that upscale and enhance DVDs and video files to HD. Later in the summer, CyberLink will release ‘Mark II’ of the product (available for free to consumers who buy now) which will add Blu-ray 3D support and 2D-to-3D video file conversion support.

CyberLink CEO Alice H Chang said: “We’re not just talking about an incremental shift in quality; PowerDVD 10 represents a new era of media entertainment, offering the best 3D and HD experience you can enjoy on the PC.”

For more information, see the full press release.

Germany embraces Blu-ray

As was noted in last month’s Futuresource report, the German Blu-ray Disc market is among the strongest in Europe.

The Futuresource statistics have been backed up by market insight from the GfK Consumer Panel, which found that sales in the first three quarters were quadruple that of the same period in 2008. Part of that growth can be attributed to the wide range of BD players (now over 150 models) on the market.

With the Christmas period now underway, sales are predicted to rise further as retailers continue to push the format and prices of both players and discs fall. Festive promotions, including ones like this from supermarket chain ALDI, are increasingly offering Profile 2.0 players at prices close to €100, with many discs available for less than €15.

With HD TV broadcasts also set to increase in Germany in 2010, the success of high definition in the country looks assured.

New demo disc shows full potential of Blu-ray Disc

A new demo disc showcasing all aspects of Blu-ray Disc has made its way across Europe. The disc consists of a five-minute promotional trailer extolling all the virtues of BD, including comparisons of the video and audio quality with DVD, examples of interactive BD-Live content and information on how Blu-ray technology works.

The video is illustrated with scenes from some of this year’s most anticipated BD releases, including Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Star Trek, Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince, Fast & Furious, Public Enemies, The Hangover and Up. The message is clear: without Blu-ray Disc, your HDTV is just a TV.

The video, available to view below (make sure you click HD!), is an important promotional asset that is available to retailers and all BDA member and contributor companies to host on their websites and for use in store.

Scandinavian BD certification scheme helps retailers improve tech knowledge

For the uninitiated, or those unfamiliar with technology, the world of HD and Blu-ray Disc can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why it’s so important that retailers themselves understand all the technical terms associated with HD and BD, so they can educate their customers and let them make informed decisions.

In Sweden, the Blu-ray Forum and the HDTV Forum teamed up with the local electronics association to create a new joint certification program for retailers, which tests participants on their technical knowledge. Successful entrants receive a badge and door sticker for their store, giving customers greater confidence in their staff.

The certification programme was launched in June and has so far been a great success, with a wide range of retailers lining up to take part. So far, over 300 retail stores and 1,000 sales reps have been certified and it is hoped that 1,500 sales reps can be successfully trained by the end of October.

After phase one is completed, a second phase will be rolled out to the other Scandinavian countries, starting with Denmark.

Benelux tour shows consumers that without Blu-ray, HDTVs are just TVs

Over half of households in the Benelux region now own high-definition televisions, but many still only use them to watch standard definition content. To really show consumers the true potential of their HDTVs, the Blu-ray Disc Association is going on a tour of shopping malls throughout the region.

The tour will let the public have hands-on time with the latest BD players and discs, experiencing films in the way originally intended by the film-makers.

The tour is making the following stops before the end of the year – if you’re in the area why not come along and see what Blu-ray Discs have to offer?

  • Amsterdam, Kalvertoren shopping mall: Friday 23 and Saturday 24 October
  • Utrecht, Hoog Catherijne shopping mall, Friday 30 and Saturday 31 October
  • Luik, Les Galeries St. Lambert shopping mall: Friday 6 and Saturday 7 November
  • Brussels, City 2 shopping mall: Friday 13 and Saturday 14 November
  • Amstelveen, Amstelveen shopping mall, Friday 20 and Saturday 21 November
  • Rotterdam, Zuidplein shopping mall, Friday 27 and 28 November
  • St. Niklaas, Waasland shopping mall: Friday 4 and Saturday 5 December
  • Antwerp, Stadsfeestzaal shopping mall: Friday 11 and Saturday 12 December

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