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BVA’s ‘What Are You Waiting For’ campaign proves a success

Blu-ray KantarResearch out from Kantar Worldpanel has shown that the British Video Association’s ‘What are you waiting for?’ TV advertising campaign from Q4 2009 was successful in raising awareness of the benefits of the Blu-ray format in the run up to Christmas.

Kantar World panel found that the campaign, which ran across all major UK TV channels in November and December, was recalled by over nine million consumers, increasing awareness and understanding of the format. Nearly two thirds of respondents (64.7%) felt that Blu-ray picture quality was better than DVD, a rise of 10%, while just under half (47.9%) felt that the sound quality was better, a rise of 12%.

Lavinia Carey, Director General, British Video Association, commented: ‘The best way to enjoy films at home is on high definition Blu-ray discs. Our campaign set out to highlight the benefits of Blu-ray to consumers and to boost understanding and awareness.  The results of the research are heartening and indicate that we are moving in the right direction. This year we will be looking at how we maintain momentum and continue to encourage members of the public to trade up to high definition software.”

Full details of the findings can be read in the BVA’s press release.

Q4 sales boost for Blu-ray

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that US sales of Blu-ray Discs increased by 35% in the fourth quarter of 2009, compared to the same period in 2008.

Stats from the Digital Entertainment Group (DEG) show that 38.6 million Blu-ray Discs were shipped, with revenue from sales increasing by 70% and revenue from rentals rising by 48%.

Over the year as a whole, DEG found that total spending on Blu-ray Discs (sales and rentals) reached $1.5 billion.

Second Futuresource report shows growing momentum for Blu-ray Disc

A new report on the European market for Blu-ray Discs and players has been issued by Futuresource.

In the second quarterly report (details on the first can be found here), Futuresource found that overall sales performance of both players and discs remains in line with expectations. Player sales are running close to three times 2008’s figure, and are expected to hit nearly three quarters of a million units by the end of the year.

The German BD market has shown particular strength as consumers embrace the platform faster than was anticipated. Sales of Blu-ray Discs in Germany are currently 3.7 times the level achieved in 2008. This growth is even faster than the other best performing European regions – such as the UK, where disc sales are three times greater than last year.

The report also looks at adoption of BD-Live. It found that Profile 2.0 models accounted for over half of all European BD player sales in the period from January to June. This share is expected to rise to 80% for the second half of the year. The report quotes impressive usage figures from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, who have had more than 6 million BD-Live users in total, and more than 100,000 weekly visitors to its BD-Live sites.

“We’re delighted to see Blu-ray Disc continue to meet or exceed expectations across Europe,” said Niels Leibbrandt, chairman of the BDA’s EU promotion committee. “These figures show that as awareness of the platform increases, more and more people across Europe are beginning to enjoy the unrivalled home entertainment experience BD provides. The figures put us in a strong position as the all-important Christmas period approaches and we move into 2010.”

Blu-ray Disc continues to go from strength to strength in Europe

Close to one in ten homes across Europe will be Blu-ray enabled by the end of this year, according to a report issued today by Futuresource.

Homes using BD Players

With falling prices, increased retail promotion and growing awareness all helping to drive Blu-ray Disc demand across the continent, the report predicts that this figure will continue to rise. It is expected that over 20% of European homes will be BD enabled by the end of 2011.

In line with this growth, sales of BD movie titles are expected to top 31m by the end of 2009 – a more than three-fold increase on the 9m sales recorded in 2008.

European BD movie sales growth

European BD movie sales growth

The report also highlights that despite 47% of homes throughout Europe having high-definition resolution screens, only 6% are currently receiving HD quality broadcasts.

High definition TV market development

Commenting on the report, Niels Leibbrandt, chairman of the BDA EU promotion committee said; “We’re starting to see a seismic shift in uptake of BD, as people become more aware of the benefits of the format. The gap between those homes with high-definition screens and those currently receiving high-definition broadcast quality represents a fantastic opportunity for BD. If people want the image and sound quality of HD now, with no ongoing monthly investment, then a BD player is the best way to immediately bridge this gap.”

Futuresource also highlights that the Christmas sales period will continue to be important, with close to 50% of this year’s annual shipment of BD players expected in the final quarter of the year.

This is the first report of the Futuresource Blu-ray tracker prepared for the Blu-ray Disc Association. It will be issued every quarter over the next 12 months and you will hear about it here first on the official BD European blog.

Niels will be revealing more information and commentary on these findings at IFA 2009. To learn more check out our IFA 2009 page.

You may have noticed an earlier version of this post which had a different figure for the number of BD-enabled homes. This was due to an error in calculating responses and has now been corrected.

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