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IFA 2010 round-up: Sony

Yesterday, Sony held its press conference at IFA 2010. Sony CEO, Howard Stringer, made several announcements in his keynote speech, and as expected 3D was the main focus –  with the entire press conference being filmed in 3D. Here’s a lowdown of some of the news: 
Sony showcases prototype 3D Vaio Laptops
The 3D Vaio Laptop prototypes on show at IFA (although not on-sale until at least 2011) boasted fast-response LCD screens displaying up to 240fps which give greater 3D quality. The 3D laptops will have full HD resolution and use the frame-sequential 3D display method to deliver full HD images to each eye via active shutter glasses.
Which has the full story and a video demonstration.
PS3 3D will be available in October
Sony also announced that PS3 will be getting the ability to play 3D Blu-ray discs by the end of October, a little later than the original September timeframe. Although no official date was given, PS3 owners will no doubt be excited by the news. Pocket-Lint has more details.
3D projectors offer the ultimate home cinema experience
Sony announced the VPL-VW90ES , a 3D home projector for the ultimate movie fan. The projectors, which work with Sony’s active glasses technology (found in the Bravia television range) offer Full HD 1080p 3D projection, and handle 2D to 3D conversion. Gizmodo has a closer look. 

IFA 2010 round-up: Samsung

Samsung had plenty to show at IFA this year, including new laptops, notebooks and an iPad rivalling tablet PC called the Galaxy Tab. In terms of Blu-ray related announcements, these are the highlights:

BD-C8900 3D Blu-ray player

The BD-C8900, already the recipient of an EISA Award, is the first 3D Blu-ray player to include a digital video recording function. With a 500GB hard drive on board, the player will allow recording of TV programmes directly or onto a Blu-ray Disc. I4U has more details.

The world’s largest HD 3D LED TV

Samsung also showed off the LED C8000, what it calls the world’s largest HD, LED, 3D television. The perfect complement to the above BD-C9800 3D player, the 65-inch C8000 is Wi-Fi enabled and includes support for the growing Samsung Apps platform. Pocket-Lint has more details.

Blu-ray home cinema system review: Samsung HT-C6200 2.1

Samsung HT C600

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Home cinema systems are increasing in popularity, and when they include a Blu-ray Disc player, the experience couldn’t be better. One of the latest to come onto the market is the Samsung HT-C6200 2.1 Blu-ray home cinema system and Pocket-Lint’s review highlights its key benefits.

Priced at £400, this system is good value for money, coming with a Blu-ray Disc player, two speakers, a subwoofer and Wi-Fi. Online content from YouTube, Lovefilm, Twitter, Picasa, Facebook, Google Maps, USA Today, Rovi TV and Getty Images can be streamed to the system via the Wi-Fi connection.

In addition to Blu-ray, the system supports DivX, DivX HD, MPEG2, MP4 and AVC HD files. There is also a slot for attaching a Samsung iPod dock.

For more details, Pocket-Lint’s full review can be read here.

Doctor Who – The Complete Fifth Series debuts on Blu-ray Disc this November

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Doctor Who, series 5Everyone’s favourite Doctor will be teleporting into high-definition this November as Doctor Who – The Complete Fifth Series (aka Season 31 for all you die hard fans) gets its Blu-ray Disc debut.

Famous for the show’s eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, and his new companion, Karen Gillan’s Amy Pond, series five can now be enjoyed with perfect 1080p picture and the purest digital sound available.

Including commentaries, outtakes, video diaries, deleted scenes, extended scenes and newly-filmed sequences, the box set is so packed with Blu-ray extras that it takes up a full six discs! has the full story.

Panasonic announces TVs with built-in 3D Blu-ray players

Panasonic 3D TVs

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Panasonic has revealed some new Viera 3D TVs that are set to make it easier to enjoy 3D Blu-ray in the home.
The RT2B range, only announced so far for the Japanese market, includes a built in 3D Blu-ray player. Available in 42 and 46-inch screens, they will also boast an HDD drive for recording TV shows.
Panasonic also recently announced a new set of active shutter 3D glasses, which can be charged in two hours via USB for 30 hours of viewing. has the full story.

Panasonic debuts new Blu-ray Disc Recorder range

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Panasonic has just revealed two feature-packed Blu-ray Disc Recorders for the UK market.

As well as playing Blu-ray Discs with support for BD-Live, both the DMR-BW880EBK and BW780EBK include tuners to receive high definition television services which can be recorded to a dual-layer Blu-ray Disc. The recorders can also view video or images filmed on a HD camcorder or digital camera (via SD card) and burn them to a Blu-ray Disc.

Upscaling for standard definition DVDs, DLNA server functionality and support for Panasonic’s internet video service Viera Cast complete the package. For more details, click here.

Twentieth Century Fox confirms 24 Season 8 BD release

Days after US fans watched the conclusion of Jack Bauer’s eighth and final TV adventure (UK viewers still have a week left), 20th Century Fox has confirmed that the Blu-ray Disc set of the entire season will be released this October.

Audiences around the world have been captivated by Jack Bauer’s one-man fight against terrorism since Keifer Sutherland first brought the character to screens back in 2001. Season eight sees series veterans such as Mary Lynn Rajskub and Elisha Cuthbert return, while also introducing new stars Freddie Prinze Jr, Anil Kapoor (Slumdog Millionaire) and Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica).

Details on additional content for the BD release are yet to be revealed, but expect to hear more over the summer. The box set is available to pre-order from Amazon.

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