msm-studios launches CopyToGo for Pure Audio BDs

Munich-based msm-studios has announced CopyToGo for Pure Audio BDs, a new service that will allow users to enjoy BD audio on other devices.

The press release states:

In addition to unparalleled audio quality and maximum ease of use Pure Audio Blu-rays can be equipped from now on with “CopyToGo” technology. This means that the user can copy the songs of the Pure Audio Blu-ray from Blu-ray Players (profile 2.0) via network connection directly on  his  computer – all you need is an internet browser. The content on the Blu-ray can be provided in any format. The user therefore can listen to the music apart from using a Blu-ray player, and can even burn a CD or copy on an iPod/MP3 player.

Stefan Bock, managing director of msm-studios, is convinced that this innovation makes Pure Audio Blu-rays even more attractive: “With CopyToGo we provide all possibilities to enjoy music content from Blu-ray in any format. Perfect listening experience of Pure Audio Blu-ray in studio quality at home, MP3 on the road on your iPod/MP3 player, or CD quality in the car. CopyToGo provides always and everywhere the perfect format.”


For more details, visit the msm-studios website.

2 Responses to “msm-studios launches CopyToGo for Pure Audio BDs”

  1. 1 LotharK September 7, 2009 at 9:01 am

    Thumbs up? Actually, I was rather disappointed with the press conference. Too much euphoria, mixed up data and figures and to little BD-Live applications. For BD-3D it was a far to early stage to spend 15 minutes on raving on. And once gain Futuresource pumped out forecast figures, which are not realistic to be achieved.
    Of course, considering the economic crises, the market share of BD in software and hardware sales is tremendously good compared to other technologies or product groups. Nevertheless, there was no mentioning that Toshiba is now committed to BD. A small speech from a Toshiba spokesman would have being a nice gesture. The exciting BD-Live developments from the German companies, that where even sitting in the audience (especially the VoD service videociety) was completely ignored and left out! Why?

    • 2 LotharK September 8, 2009 at 9:20 am

      Sorry, mistake! This belongs to the news above!

      Stefan and his team at msm have developed an attractive product to bring BD to the music industry. Let‘s hope they consider this!

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